Back to School Kids: Tips for Saving on School Supplies

Schools do not have extra money for back to school supplies in their budgets these days, so it’s up to parents to provide some of the basic supplies their kids will need. If you, like many other parents, have to go shopping for school supplies here, are some ideas on how to save some money. 

The first thing I do is write a checklist of supplies I need. You can find free printable checklists online. Just print one out and write down your supply list.

Save Money With Smart Shopping

What is smart shopping? Do you belong to a warehouse store like BJ’s or Costco? If you do, you can save money by buying your back to school supplies in bulk. Remember to bring all your coupons to save extra money. That’s one example of smart shopping, but there’s more.

Another place that is sure to have everything you need, and may offer sales during the summer months, is an office supply store. The office stores sometimes have give-a-way supplies for school, plus they may offer discounts or accept manufacturers coupons.

Save money by buying the store brand when it comes to pencils, pens, and pads. You just might find some recycled paper products there too. You can go green and save some extra money with recycled products.

 Make A Checklist Of Tax Free Store Days

Some states offer specific shopping days when school supply purchases are tax free. I really like to shop when I don’t have to pay taxes, and it’s a great way to save money on those kids school supplies. Find out what days your state offers these tax exempt specials and be sure to mark it on your family calendar!

Dollar stores are another place where you can find school supplies. These stores have a little bit of everything, including supplies like: tissues, hand wipes, Zip close bags, plastic snack bags, brown lunch bags, and other items you will need to pack lunches or send to school with your kids. The best part is you will get the supplies you need, and save money since nothing is priced over a dollar.

Stock up on items you know you will use during the school year. A great example are those white poster boards. These boards are great for art work, science projects, or any extra credit project your child does. When you see them on sale, grab several and put them away until they are needed.

Planning Tip:

When you purchase school supplies online you usually get money saving offers in your email box. Sometimes these offers are up to $25.00 off on a purchase of $100.00 or more. When new chains of office supply stores open in your area, you will find money saving coupons in your local Sunday paper.

You can find discounts, deals and even coupons for a free item! Supplies are expensive and taking advantage of every promotion, sale, and coupon offered will save you a great deal of time and money.

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