Overcoming Crafter’s Block

Arts and crafts provide a great outlet for personal creativity and are great for personal fulfillment, but after a while it can be difficult to come up with your next project idea. The truth of the matter is that artistic inspiration can be found literally anywhere. An artist’s eyes are always keen to their surroundings and are able to pick up even the most subtle beauty. But not everyone has the ability to naturally do such things. People like me need somewhat forced inspiration for crafting and do-it-yourself projects. My friends may come running to me when they need support with various artsy tasks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need some help providing that assistance. I depend on numerous artistic resources including magazines, books, and websites to guide me in my endeavors and equip my mind with some much-needed inspiration.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts

One of my favorite things to do is to create homemade gifts for loved ones. Whether they are for Christmas, birthdays, or other special events, I think hand-crafted presents are often more meaningful and appreciated. That doesn’t mean you should be handing out crocheted toilet paper holders and gaudy useless items to all your family and friends. The key is to decide on a unique gift for each individual; to find something that can be used and loved by the gift’s recipient. Last year for our anniversary, I took six of my favorite photos of my husband and I created a photo Rubik’s cube. It wasn’t anything super difficult or out of the ordinary. But it was cherished and remains on display in our family room. When I am stumped on gift ideas I like to browse trade shows, flea markets, and craft fairs. I look through all kinds of artwork from various mediums and often find inspiration in the most unlikely places. 

Around the House

Some of the most fun do-it-yourself projects are for the home. Creating your own home décor and doing your own renovations can save a ton of money. Plus, they are a great creative outlet that provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. After my husband and I purchased our house, we did a lot of home improvements ourselves to create exactly the look and feel we wanted and to save some green. I had loads of fun browsing through a wide variety of books, magazines, and websites to come up with ideas. We found much of our furniture and decorations at garage sales and thrift stores and refinished/repaired each item to fit the theme of each room. 

New Mediums

I thoroughly enjoy trying all kinds of crafting mediums. Even though I have my favorite, go-to mediums that I always return to, it’s fun to break away from the usual and attempt something new. Doing so renews my passion for crafting in general and often provides me with new inspiration and additional craft techniques. A great way to learn a fresh medium and create something unique and new is through taking art classes. Many community centers, art supply stores, colleges, and art schools offer various art classes to fit a wide range of budgets.

When crafters block hits, turn up your favorite music and hang out with some children. My son and daughter have imaginations like you wouldn’t believe and often provide me with new ideas to use in my crafting endeavors. 

Guest Author:

Andrea Boley is a writer for Storkie. In her spare time she crafts, takes photos, plays with her kids, and dances her heart out.