Encouraging Good Study Habits: Start at the Beginning

Good Study Habits Need A Little Planning

There were severe consequences if our homework wasn’t done when I was a kid. There are so many distractions today, especially with TV and video games, it is easy for kids to delay studying and completing homework assignments.

If parents can encourage study habits right from the very beginning of the school year, it might make a huge difference in your child’s education. It may take a bit of work and planning but it will be worth all the effort if your child begins to practice good study habits.

Why not prepare a checklist for yourself to help remind you of all the subjects your child has in school and mark off what the homework assignments are on your family calendar.

Add These 10 Motivational Tips To Your Checklist

Help motivate your child with these helpful tips on how to introduce good study habits for homework and school.

  • Set up a special area with a desk and chair for your child.
  • Make sure there are no distractions at all in the room. No TV, no boom box, no video games.
  • Set a time to do homework. Prepare a snack for after school and let your child do their homework upon arriving home from school.
  • Allow your child to finish up homework after dinner, plan a homework assignment checklist.
  • Plan a time schedule that allows for a break during the assigned homework tasks.
  • Ten minute breaks between different subject homework assignments helps keep your child alert.
  • You can prevent back and leg pain by allowing your child to stretch once and a while or a quick walk around the room can help too.
  • Remind everyone in the house to keep it quiet while it’s study time.
  • Let your child do the homework by themselves. Help them only if they are having difficulty with a subject or lesson.
  • Make sure your child is getting a good night’s sleep. If kids aren’t sleeping well they may nap after school and that means they aren’t getting to their homework until later in the day or evening.

Moms, Plan A Study Schedule To Help Your Kids

It has been determined that kids today must spend more time with their school work than your average adult spends at work. With a study schedule like that, you had better write study time on your family calendar so you can plan your activities around it.

Elementary, middle and high school students will appreciate learning how to be successful and that starts with knowing the rules and guidelines your family follows that will help your kids learn and develop good study habits.

With all the pressure kids face in school, they are overwhelmed with coursework every single day. With a little planning and some determination you can help relieve the stress they may be feeling over homework and studies. You can help your kids on their way to good study habits and a bright educational future.

Potty Training Checklist

Potty training is one of those milestones that parents fear. And not without reason – at worst, potty training can mean weeks of frustration and mess.

But, with a bit of planning, potty training could be a time you look back on with fond memories.

Here’s a checklist you can use to plan for successful potty training.

1. Decide on a plan

There are several approaches to potty training so do some research. Though you may not find one that works perfectly for your family, reading about plans that have yielded success will help you form the right approach for your family.

2. Talk it over

Make sure that you and your partner agree about your basic training plan. Talk about how you’ll handle accidents and how you’ll celebrate victories. Discuss as many details as possible before you begin.

3. Talk it up

Talk with your child about using the potty. Get them excited to be a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy.’ Let them pick out their own big kid undies. This should be an exciting time for you and them.

4. Plan for accidents

Accidents happen. Stock up on extra mattress pads and put towels out on your couch, carpet, or bed. Plan ahead to make clean up as easy as possible.

5. Stock up on rewards

Pick out some inexpensive rewards for your child. A reward could be a sticker for each successful trip to the potty or a balloon to celebrate an accident-free morning. The smallest gestures will let your child know how proud you are of them.

6. Don’t forget: everyone you know uses the toilet.

It may take time but your child will get it. This time shall pass and your child be using the potty before you know it.

Guest Author:

Tricia is an account director by day, writer by night, and mom all the time. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and bubbly, two-year-old daughter. Read about her quest for balance and life with her family on her blog Raising Humans.